Internet Connection Sharing Workaround Problems

Here Follows a long SUCCESSFUL account of me attempting to set up ICS with Win XP Pro with some additional questions at the end

Set Up:

Main PC (Host)

Win XP Pro SP2


Zone Alarm Free

Norton Anti Virus

Windows Firewall OFF

ASUS Onboard 3Com NIC

Second Machine (Client) As above without the DSL modem.

Compaq Onboard NIC

I have been trying on and off to set up wireless network with ICS but had loads of problems and unreliability with the network I gave up, I did actually get it working once but only once.

The only way it would work was with Zone Alarm shut down as the free edition does not support ICS no matter how hard you try.

I hate being defeated so in a moment of spare time I dug out my old DLINK DI604 in an attempt to get a solid Network connection before going ahead with another experiment.

The set up is DSL Modem BT105 to US on Host

Host and Client Networked via DLink DI604 LAN Ports

As soon as I connected the DI604 the Network was up and running just had to change the IP Address in Zone Alarm as the DLink had reassigned them.

Now to try ICS again, first I shutdown Zone Alarm and switched on Windoze Firewall (Only on the Host), however when trying to share the connection a message pops up saying that the IP Address is already in use as ICS sets the IP Address of the NIC in the Host to this was already being used by the DLink.

So in a flash of inspiration I went into DLink Admin and changed its IP Address so that the default could be used by the Host.

Still didn't work.

I then realized that DLink had set the gateway on the Client to its own IP Address so I changed TCP/IP properties on the Client LAN Connection to not obtain IP Addresses automatically and re-input the same IP Address that DLInk had specified for the Client but changed the Gateway to the IP Address of the Host

Now with Windows Firewall on both machines the client connects to the Internet without a problem...Hoorah


Since setting up the Network Windows Explorer on the Client sometimes encounter a problem and has to be closed (The Windoze Error Reporting message appears), how do I resolve this.

Why do I need Zone Alarm (Freebie) What's wrong with running Windoze Firewall is it so full of holes that its useless??

Every time I want to connect to the Internet with the Laptop I will have to switch on Widoze Firewall and switch off Zone Alarm.

When using ICS do I need a Firewall on the Client?

The next step is Wireless so the Laptop is not tied to a cable, I have a Buffalo WLI2-PCI-G54 card to put in my Host and a Buffalo WLI-CB-G54S-EU PCMCIA for my Laptop I can set up ICS as above but will still have the Zone Alarm problem.

I know the way I should go is to buy a DSL Modem/Wireless Router and I have been looking for a while but money and choice has been a problem I have been looking at the Belkin range, DLink G604T, Netgear DG834G and Linksys WAG-54G.

I want would prefer one with a detachable Antenna but not essential, I have heard mixed opinions of the DLink 604 apparently emits a high pitched whine, but I have had success with other DLInk products....any recommendations?

I could buy an RJ11/RJ45 DSL Modem connect it to my DLink DI604 and by a Access point to plug into the DLink not sure if that would be cheaper??

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Man, just get a wire/wireless router and be done with it. Or just use your wire router with a WAP and be done with it. Either way be done with it and network.

Duane :)

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