(2) VOIP routers BEHIND a VPN wired router, one voip being wireless

Hi folks.

Do wireless "routers" need to be setup at DHCP servers?

let me explain my setup:

the "main" router is a wired netgear router (lets call it Router1), acting as a DHCP server. I have a VOIP wired router (lets call it VOIP1) connected to the main router. The WAN port on VOIP1 is connected to a LAN port on Router1. So, essentially, VOIP1 thinks it is connected to the internet, but in realty it's WAN IP is an IP which has been assigned by the DHCP server from Router1.

I have disabled the DHCP server on VOIP1. No clients ever need to connect to that device - other than the two telephones.

Here's the trouble: A second VOIP router - lets call it VOIP2 - has been conected. VOIP2 WAN port is connected in the same manner as VOIP1.

VOIP2 is a wireless router.

I want to have clients connect to the wireless port. Here's the trouble: The DHCP server on the wireless router must be a different subnet as the main subnet - because VOIP2's "WAN" IP is from the same subnet as the "main" LAN.

My question: do wireless clients need to have their IP's assigned by DHCP?

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If possible, configure VOIP1 and VOIP2 as *bridges*, not routers.

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John Navas

snipped-for-privacy@alumni.unh.edu hath wroth:

No. You can use fixed (static) IP addresses for the IP, gateway, and DNS servers, and turn off the DHCP server.

Ok, you have what's called "double NAT". The way it looks is probably:

WAN (Internet) 63.198.xxx.xxx (routeable IP address) Router1 LAN | | WAN (assigned by DHCP server in Router 1) VoIP Router LAN (part of setup) | | Rest of LAN computers 192.168.5.xxx

Is this what it looks like? If so, you either need to have BOTH DHCP servers enabled, or you could turn off the DHCP server in Router1 and setup the WAN IP address in the VoIP router for a static IP address. DHCP broadcasts will NOT go through a router from WAN -> LAN.

No problem. However, also no benifit.

Nope. Can't do that. The IP ports that must be redirected in Router1 can only point to one LAN IP address. With only VoIP1 connected, that's easy. However, with a 2nd VoIP router, you can't have a single incoming IP port pointing to two different LAN IP addresses. Either arrange for a secondary set of incoming ports or forget it. This may not work.

Nope. Wireless clients can have static IP addresses. Control Panel -> Network -> Wireless icon Right click on the Wireless Icon and select properties. Double click on TCP/IP and insert whatever you find useful for IP, gateway, and DNS servers.

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Jeff Liebermann

I have a single VOIP adapter connected to my router. DHCP is enabled on the router and it assigns an IP address to the VOIP adapter. I have one PC wired to the router and one laptop connects wirelessly. The desktop PC has a static IP (I connect to it by Remote desktop connection) and the laptop has a dynamic IP assigned by the router. Works just fine.

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