router is 108mbps but only connect at 54mbps..why

i have a linksys WRT300N router. my laptop, using a dell intel wireless card im asuming connects to this router at 128mbps. but my computer desktop using a netgear wg311t only connects at 54mbps. i play games and it lags a lot of times, sometime i would get drops as well. is there a way i can config my router settings so i can connect at least 108mbps. thanks.

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lv6l hath wroth:

In order to do faster than 54Mbits/sec, the WRT300N router supports Draft-N using MIMO. There are several incompatible flavors of MIMO. The WRT300N uses the Broadcom Intensi-fi chipset. I order to get speeds faster than 54Mbits/sec, your client radios would need to use this chipset or a supported Draft-N compatible chipset.

Your Netgear WG311T PCI adapter supports Super-G 108Mbits/sec using an Atheros chipset (exact chip depends on card version). Super-G is not compatible with Draft-N MIMO.

Therefore, you're limited to 54Mbits/sec no matter how you tinker with the router. You'll need to replace your WG311T with a Draft-N client adapater in order to get faster speeds.

Compatibility at any connection speed over 54Mbits/sec is currently somewhat of a crap shoot until the 802.11n standard is finalized.

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