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So, I have an old computer with a "g" network adapter in it. I also have a "g" router. That computer connects to to the router at 108 Mbps. Also have a laptop the connects at 108Mbps. Got a new computer last week with windows vista on it. Put in a wireless "n" network adapter figuring I'd like to set up a home network (laptop,old,new computers) and may like to eventually get an "n" router. However, the new computer only connects at 54Mbps. Should it not connect at 108 like the others? I called Dlink and they gave me a bunch of reasons why it wasn't working, but the computer is less than 20 feet from the router and signal strength is excellent.

DWA-542 adapter WBR-2310 router both Dlink.

any help would be great.

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Den Sat, 05 Jan 2008 22:05:29 -0500. skrev freefly1:

54 mbps = g speed. 108 mbs = Proprietary Atheros speed, only possible with TurboG capable adapters based on an Atheros chipset.

Your new laptop doesn't have a WiFi NIC, with the Atheros chipset, therefore it cannot utilize the TurboG non-standard connection protocol, and therefore it only connects at 54 mbps, which is the max connection rate, of the official g standard.



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