need HELP! Bad connection with Netgear but okay with Huawei


I kinda need help here...i dont know how to express the problem clearly, but i'll try my best to explain it in details...

Im from Brunei...We had this Netgear Router WGT624 v3, for few months already. We used and connected it in less than a week after we had the broadband internet connection register and installed in the house. (The modem model is Huawei SmartAX MT800, in case u need it)

Huawei -> Netgear router -> our PC and Laptop.

The internet connection is sometimes good and sometimes bad when using this router. Over this four months i guess, i have reseted the router for more than twice already. I just realised that connecting to the internet directly to the Huawei is far more better than connecting it to the Netgear router.

I reached this conclusion, because my friend teach me to check the internet connection using "ping" in the command.... when using the Huawei, it goes very well...with very minimum "Request timed out" appear....but if using the Netgear router, "Request timed out" appear like at least 5 times in every 20 pinging... or something like that... and it always get disconnected ( i think it is disconnected...."request timed out" appears all the way down that i had no choice but to renew the connection again and again using the router configuration page. This happens like every day and sometimes few times in a day).

Im tired of this kind of connection. So, i wanna know if anyone here know what the real problem is?? Is it something wrong with the configuration or is it the Netgear router itself that is not functioning well...? in short, how can i change the setting to optimise the connection quality??? Oh, the configuration of the router is done automatically by the router itself.

Thanks for anyone who reads this problem and much much thanks for those who will help me solve this matter...

Hazmi, Brunei

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