Reaching access point but unable to connect to the Internet.

I have a Linksys Wireless-G 2.4ghz broadband router and a USB Network Adapter. The router is connected to a PC on the first floor of my apartment and the Adapter on a PC on the second floor. Both PCs are running WinXP.

After installing the router and adapter and running the software on the respective PCs, I try to connect and get the "Reaching access point but unable to connect to the Internet" message.

I've tried to release and renew the IP address but get an error message saying unable to connect. So I took the second PC and reassembled it on the same floor as the PC with the router.

I was able to get the second PC connected to the Internet but took it back to the second floor and had the same problems. I tried switching the channels but no help.

The second PC is located almost above the wireless router but on the other side of the house; probably 15-20 feet overall.

Am I missing something in the set-up or is the distance too far?



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In my experience floors/cielings seem to be much more of a problem than walls. I've got 2 wireless devices located the same distance from the router but on different floors and the one upstairs has much lower signal levels. However both do connect, but I did have to use a high antenna on the router. Have you tried a longer USB cable on the NIC and moving it around?

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That's what I thought of doing, I need to get a little longer USB cable though. Thanks for the help.

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On 3 Mar 2007 11:31:25 -0800, "jim" wrote in :

Wireless signals don't penetrate ceilings/floors terribly well. Consider powerline networking instead.

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John Navas

I try to connect and get the "Reaching access

I just installed a similar setup and when the slave compouter first started it gave me the same message. I ran the "Push the button - Setup" again and re-booted the slave computer. Works fine now. George C

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