Access Point connects to internet on labtop Mac, but not desktop windows!

I recently bought a wireless-g access point to connect to my router to have wireless internet. Right away my labtop mac picked up the access point's wireless internet. It works fine in using it now to write this. But when I went to set it up with my desktop windows XP it connected and setup with the access point. But it goes back and forth between being connected and not connected. Along with that when it is connected to the access point it says my adapter(linksys wireless-g adapter) is connented but there is no internet connected to my router/accesspoint. but there is internet connected!because my labtop is working fine with the wireless access point!! I have no clue what to do. I already called the company for linksys, but I dont know!:confused::confused::(:(

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azurecoyote hath wroth:

Hmmm... No models, no numbers, no error messages... Ok, you get a bad guess and a general answer.

My guess(tm) is that you're using WEP. WEP has a problem converting from the ASCII encryption key to the Hex equivalent. It's not a bug. If you use the Hex key, instead of the ASCII key on your Windoze machine, it will work.

However, you should be using WPA-Personal, instead of WEP. WEP can be cracked in minutes and is next to useless for encryption.

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Jeff Liebermann

azurecoyote wrote in news:

Did you by any chance have both your wired and the wireless connected to your desktop at the same time when this happened?

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Axel Hammerschmidt

I want to know where I can get one of those LABtops. But seriously I think he is connecting wirelessly with the desktop as well. I don't know why unless it is not close to the Access Point. APs also tend to not have a built-in switch so the one port goes right into the router. But a little 4 port switch would solve that problem right quick.

I wonder what the IP Address is on this XP machine with Linksys G Adaptor when it is connected, if any? It might be correct (earlier post) about a WEP key problem. I'd delete the AP from the Preferred Networks list in XP and connect again using the correct key. Also would use WPA instead of WEP if at all possible.

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