Connected to wireless router, can't connect to Internet

I'm connected to a wireless network on my laptop from a router somewhere in the neighbourhood. I was able to access the Internet when I first connected.

Late last week I got into virus trouble.I removed the virus OK and now I can still connect to that wireless network but can't access the internet. None of the web pages are found.

I don't know if my issues are with the virus disruption or I have been 'locked out' by the owner of the router. (It seems odd they would allow me to connect yet block access to the Net).

Now when I run the connection tests in MSN Messenger, I get a message 'Your DNS appears unable to resolve IP addresses', which would make sense why I can't access and web sites. I have tried both hardcoding DNS addresses and my IP, subnet mask and gateway. I think I have tried every permutation and combination but just can't see any web sites.

My question: Is there any way to determine whether I am being locked out? Does it sound like I am?

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Why don't you ask the owner of the router, or don't you have permission to hook up? You are aware that the latter is a crime.

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A virus can takeout the TCP/IP Stack so that you cannot connect anymore.

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On the other hand, can you trust a machine that has been compormised.

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Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

Yep. I did that to my 15 year old neighbor's PC when he got infected

3 times in 2 weeks. The kid is hopeless.

Not odd. The only way to block a user is to first identify the user. Based on their MAC address, after connecting, they are blocked from accessing the router. What you'll see is exactly what you describe. You get a connection, but it won't route.

Nope. That won't work.

Yes. Bang on the neighbors door (if you can find them) and ask. Have your checkbook handy. Otherwise, don't use other peoples broadband connections without permission.

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Jeff Liebermann

Yes, you just did, ask the neighbor why they locked you out and then next time ask permission first.

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On Tue, 19 Dec 2006 02:22:04 GMT, Jeff Liebermann wrote in :

More accurately: Don't steal broadband access just because you can.

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John Navas

On Mon, 18 Dec 2006 11:07:55 -0800, "Douglas" wrote in :

Do you also shoplift, or do you only steal Internet access?

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