Problems after reinstall

Check your work group name.. I had a problem with older (win98/ME, forget what it was, but it was *not* mshome) used a different name than XP used and couldn't see each other.

PS, which did you reinstall? XP or ME? XP (sp2) has a firewall, and I've seen conflicts between other software firwalls and xp's (shouldn't have two active at once).. If on the ME, then nevermind...

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Peter Pan
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Running 2 PCs on a network was OK, then I had to do a reinstall on one. Now unable to connect via wireless.

Main PC runs XP (SP2) Cable modem connected to Actiontec Access point gateway (gateway to PC via USB) Wireless adapters on each PC Second PC runs ME.

When I attempt to setup connection to Internet, the Access Point Gateway wizard connects to the Actiontec website to set up, but when setup complete, cannot reconnect to the internet. I have tried static IP addresses, but no joy. I think I've tried everything but any idease welcome!

I emphahsise that there were no hardware changes between last successful ronning & the reinstall.

Norman M

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Norman Mackenzie

I reinstalled both, but the XP machine is the one that's connected to the gateway. I haven't tried to set up the second PC/network as I can't get the main one to connect. I'd turned off the firewall (& Norton AV) but still couldn't connect.


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