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Can a signal from a wireless router (used for a laptop) interfere with another pc located in the same room? The pc in the same room does not have an internet connection nor does it have a wireless adaptor installed. The pc is one I built, and when I delivered it, it behaved very badly as if the OS had somehow been corrupted. Sometimes it won't boot (black screen) or boots and the mouse behaves erratically or does not respond and it's the same for the keyboard. I took the pc home with the intent to reinstall the OS, but when I plugged it in, it worked fine/perfectly. It seems to me that the router signal being used on his laptop has no way to effect this pc but I have to ask. Has anyone come across this type of thing before.

The system I built: ASUS Mobo : M3N78-AM AMD Phenom 9500 Quad core Nvidia Gforce 8800 GS

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Mickey Mouse
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Sounds like a loose card got vaguely "re-seated" in the move?

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Warren Oates

totally agree with warren, some hardware problem which got fixed in transpotation, check all the cables and if the same problem persists then try another motherboard as far as wi fi router is concerned , it cant create any problem on a pc which is not having wi fi connection.

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Since you said "but I have to ask".... tit for tat, i have to ask why mickey mouse wants to be wireless? :)

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Peter Pan

Me thinks Peter is spending too much time with Tink!

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