Broadcasting signal from Wireless router??

I have a work area that is not wired for a network. I use this area to test/repair computers for my company. I need to connect to the company network. What I want to do is have a wireless router in the one room, (which they have physically connected to the network.) And then using this a new wireless router pick up the signal so that I can plug computers into the router so that I can connect up to the network in this remote site. In other words ... eg Network----Wirless router * * * * * * * * * * Wireless router-----Computers

I do not have wireless cards to put in all the computers in my work area. I just want to use my wireless router as a pickup point, hub to all the other computers.

I have set up wireless routers at homes and worked fine.

Here are my specific question.

Can I do this, eg pick up a signal despite the fact that there is no physical connection to the router (eg Cable/WAN/Lan port) so that my computers can use it.

Any links or web sites that would have instruction specificaly on this type of set up?

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AFAIK what you need in the 2nd location is a wireless bridge. Some routers can be put into this mode, others can't. Often, you need to have the same sort of router at each end of the link.

Mark McIntyre

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Mark McIntyre

Thanks. I will look into this.

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