Improving wireless router signal

I bought an Airlink101 AR625W Wireless N router some months ago, and its been working good so far. The only thing I need to do is improve the signal output on the router. But I cant replace the antennas on it becuase the antennas are not detachable. Is there any way I can boost the signal without spending money on a repeater?

I already have it sitting high up off the ground and away from metal objects, and I'm currently using 3 airlink101 AWLH6045 Wireless N PCI cards in my computers, so I'm getting maximum data throughput. Ive also gotten rid of the 2.4gHz phones, and switched to one 900mhz, and one


I've already tried Aluminum foil around the antenna and rapped around the base, but theres not much more gain than before.

Any suggestions?

Thx for your help, Borgslayer

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