Problem with DHCP

Hi I have connected successfully to tiscali broadband with Speedtouch 580 ADSL router. Periodically the internet connection fails. The symptoms are as follows:

- Internet doesn't work

- WAN and DSL lights on the Speedtouch 580 are on

- The internet light is flashing (which apparently means internet in use, though when the system is working and not in use, there is a continuous light here)

- Diagnostics reveals that there is no connection to the DHCP (?)

- If I rerun the configuration CD a number of times and do several reboots of the 580 I can get the connection to work (sometimes the TCP/IP finds no machine, and then sometimes it does).

Anyone know how to fix this?

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You may just want to re-flash the router with the current version of the firmware the router is using to see if that corrects your problem.

Duane :)

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