PIX 515e Problem with VoIP

IOS: 6.2.2 fixup protocl sip 5060 is in the config


1 - After placing a call on hold...when I pick it up... usually the party I called can not hear me, but I can hear them. Sometimes placing them back on hold will resolve the issue, sometimes not.

2 - MWI Lights on phones do not work behind the PIX firewall. What do I need to do to make this work? It works behind d-links, netgears, and when on the wide open Internet.

3 - When placing a call from a VoIP phone behind the PIX firewall, the rest of the network seems to go "unavailable". When I stop the call the firewall starts passing other traffic again.

PIX is a 515e

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What encryption are you using?

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I'm sorry I don't understand the question. I'm not running ANY encryption. No VPN. It's just a firewall with a DMZ, INSIDE, and OUTSIDE. The VOIP phone is on the INSIDE going to the OUTSIDE when I make calls.

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