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The modem is required, its has to do some modulating and demodulating

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hi I've just signed up to wanadoo ADSL. does anybody know if I have to connect the free broadband modem supplied to my D Link DI-624 802.11g / b Wireless Router of can I connect the router straight to the ADSL line - so skipping the modem thanks Chris

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Crispy Sea

No, Your router doesnt have a ADSL Modem built in.

Indeed your modem from Wanadoo will be a USB modem. You will find that this wont connect to your router as your router has a WAN port for connecting an ethernet ADSL modem to it.

USB Modems (like the one you have) are designed to connect directly to your PC.

You probably would need a DSL-G604T to complete the setup.

See this link for how to connect up your kit.

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I signed up with Wanadoo last October and I bought a Wireless Router with built in ADSL modem. The Wanadoo modem sits in the cupboard in case of emergencies.



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