Help with Linksys WAG354G on Orange Broadband please ?

I am trying to install a WAG354G gateway on what was previously a direct broadband connected PC. The PC has an Orange Broadband connection, using a simple Speedtouch modem connected directly to the phone line socket.

I connected the PC to the gateway via an Ethernet cable, and the gateway to the phone line.

I was able to access and set up the Gateway (on the set up screen only when the PC was connected to the internet - ie. whilst the existing Orange broadband connection was active - otherwise the PC could not find the URL. I input the Orange signon and password, plus set up Security settings with a WEP key, and left the firewall set as 'on' on the gateway.

I have now unplugged the Speedtouch modem and was expecting the Gateway to take over the internet connection, but it doesn't. The power, wireless and one of the ethernet lights shows green, and the DSL light flashes intermittently. There is no Internet light showing though.

Please can someone help - I suspect it's probably something simple I haven't done on the Gateway or the PC ?

Many Thanks - Andy.

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You have to register your new gateway with your isp (Orange). They will need the mac address so that their system will recognize it.

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