From Wireless Notebook via Print Server Crashes Printer

I can print fine from my wireless laptop to a multifunction printer when that printer is directly connected to another pc on my home network.

But if I replace that other pc with a print server (Airlink-brand, ethernet- connected to my Linksys router), I can only print a couple pages of material from the notebook before the printer crashes (have to reboot it to clear it). The print server works fine with that other pc that's direct-connected/ethernet to the router, no crashes at all, no matter how big the document being printed.

Seems like something's going wrong in the communication between the notebook, the router, the printserver, or the printer, but I have no idea where the breakdown is happening. I've tried turning off bidirectional support for the laptop's printer setup, but it hasn't made a difference.

Tech support from the manufacturer (Airlink) isn't finding the answer. Any suggestions of other things I can try?

Please reply to this group, or email me directly to prazuch2004 _A_T_ prazuch _D_O_T_ net. Thanks for any help!

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Andrew Prazuch
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