D-Link wifi failure?

In the past couple of months I was having wifi network problem where the signal strength was changing from none to excellent (all green bars) on a second by second basis, which ofc ourse caused my connection to come and go. I googled and changed channels, disabled IEEE stuff, tried static IP, and even using 8dBi antenna to no avail. The D-Link router (11b version) was in the same room as the laptop. Fry's had an Airlink 11g version on sale this past week for 20 bucks, so I bought that unit and replaced my D-Link. Gave it the same SSID and WEP and my wifi is back to ALL green bars like the D-Link used to do a couple years ago. No more drop outs.

So the question is: what could have gone out in the D-Link unit? I checked the power supply adaptor, and it was putting out normal voltage (5.03 VDC).

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Strongly suggest that you upgrade the router firmware. Tardus

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