problem with Linksys WAP11 AP and WPC54G adapter

I would like to have the following configuration in my home, but I can't get it to work.

Linksys WAP11 Access point static IP connected to Switch switch also connected to PC1 and DSL router

WAP11 Access point client static IP connected to hub print server is connected to hub

PC1 can print just fine using AP AP client

Linksys WPC54G in laptop mixed mode set (b/g) SSID set to AP WEP correct Network Index correct

WPC54G sees home network and says signal is excellent. Otherwise, I cannot get the laptop to talk to the access point. I can't ping anything on the network, I can't ping the AP. XP SP2 just scans for a few seconds then gives up. No ACT light on the AP when it is doing this.

I have tried without success to talk to Linksys support about this.

What else can I do? Can somebody point me to specific instructions somewhere on the web that would tell how to configure this? This seems like a no brainer configuration.

An AP is supposed to be able to act as an AP to both an AP client and a regular client, correct?

Thanks in advance Mike

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Check your firewall settings (part of XP SP2), or just turn it off altogether and try it.

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