Sharing internet connection with Desktop

OK. Desktop has a USB ADSL Modem and connects OK to the internet. IP address of this interface is a dynamic ISP provided one.

I've also installed a PCI wireless card in the desktop, created an ad hoc peer-to-peer wireless network and given it an IP address of

On the laptop, I'ce got built in wireless and can connect to this ad hoc wireless LAN (laptop has been given IP of

So, I can ping the desktop from laptop and vice versa no probs...

What settings do I need to be able to share the internet connection on the desktop? For instance, what does the default gateway, DNs etc need to be set to on the laptop?

Is there anything else I need to do?

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"paulfoel" wrote in news:

What OS are you running? You can use Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) to share the connection. In XP, right click on the ADSL modem in the network panel, and I believe you can select Share Connection.

The gateway/DNS should be the IP address of the desktop.

If that doesn't work, try using the switching the DSN addresses to the DNS server addresses provided by your ISP.

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Lucas Tam

I had this problem once, and it was caused because I put in an IP address. On the TCP/IP properties tick obtain an IP address automatically. Also in My network places, select properties on wireless connection, advanced tab, tick allow other network users to connect through this connection. Alternitivly use set up a home or small office network in network tasks.

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Do you have to use DHCP? Or can u use a static IP ?

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