Linksys WAP11 as bridge - 1 connection

this is a weird one -

Have a network with a WAP54G for the wireless... all is ok. Have a WET11 bridge down in the family room for xbox + tivo... all is ok.

Son wanted to move xbox to room and run an old WAP11 for access. OK - gaunlet begins...

First - what is the difference on the WAP11 between AP Client - ? Bridge (pt to pt) - ?

Well have it connected... sort of :) BTW - it is REALLY HARD to tell if wifi things are working since NONE of these access points have any display showing those stations currently "associated" with the access point. So, it's impossible to tell what's going on.

Anyway - back to current problem. I have the WAP54G, an old desktop, print server, router, etc all going into a "10mb hub" so I can see the packets on my protocol analyzer.

I connect my laptop via a crossover cable to the WAP11... ok Since I can't really tell the "associations" - it's like shooting in the dark. Anyway, it appears to be connected, as I can ping across the link... sort of -

Here's the weird part.... laptop ( -> WAP11 ( ----> WAP54G (1.245) -> "hub"

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I was particularly fond of the WAP11 for features such as a list of associations; I have a collection of various admin tools and firmwares for it; perhaps you aren't running the best ones? I used to use snmp to maintain logs of the connections as well. I miss the administrative features of this AP since I am now using commodity routers as APs and their firmware is notably deficient in this regard, and they aren't able to load opensource firmware replacements.

I have 20MB of WAP11 stuff (code, docs, notes, etc.) which may be useful if you don't have access to resources. Have you sniffed the wire at the router and/or print server; how about at the laptop or desktop?


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It is some kind of ARP problem.... Brought up protocol analyzer on test laptop....

None of the ARP's are being replied to, but - we can see/receive all the network server broadcasts...

test laptop wired to WAP 11 - no ARP's across connection, but receive broadcasts ok

test laptop wired to far side hub - all ARP's & broadcasts ok

test laptop using wifi - all ARP's & broadcasts ok

SO - only when connected to the WAP11 are the ARP's being blocked somehow.... and it's not the laptop interface, as both the wifi and ethernet work fine when wired to hub or using WAP54g ????????

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how is the second device (wap11) set? (starting ip address, dhcp server on or off etc)... and whats the laptop used for, dont you want it bridged to your network rather than hardwired to your laptop? do you use it as a bridge between wireless and wired? have the software bridge enabled? i seem to recal a similar prob when i had both my wrt's set to dhcp server on, and then there were two starting ip addresses (one for the wap itself, and another for dhcp starting for so many etc).... At any rate, It was The starting ip address of the second ap on my network (not the starting dhcp address) that was the same ( and conflicted/couldnt use the low/fixed addresses... just to be clear, i had two wrt's (wap routers), no clue on the difference between a hub and a router

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Peter Pan

so you are using the laptop as a bridge between the wired segment and the wireless segment? Do you have the laptops wired and wireless software bridge enabled? sounds like it isn't...

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Peter Pan

ok - one more diagram list....

"test" laptop wired (1.100) -> WAP11 (1.200) ->>>TTTT

TTTT ---->>>> WAP54g (1.245) ---> wired into "hub"

"hub" also has....

1.6 - print server 1.140 - desktop 1.15 - tivo

The ARP's from the "test" laptop & WAP11 don't get replies - can see everything on the "test" laptop with a protocol analyzer... including the various network broadcasts from the WAP54g & hub wired network.

If the laptop is connected directly to the "hub" or uses it'w wifi, everything works as normal - the only change/difference is the WAP11 - so it's not the laptop -

For some reason, the ARP requests into the WAP11 are not making it across the brdige, or getting trashed on the WAP54g side - Need to run another "test" laptop & protocol analyzer on BOTH sides at the same time.

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okay, i had asked if you had a bridge enabled between your wireless and wired parts of your laptop, what type of laptop? a firewall setting would block stuff across the bridge, but that is referring to a pc/windows laptop... Is that what you have? (laptops come in mac/linux/dos/etc flavors too)

got everything nearby? can you just plug the 11 into the hub (instead of the laptop, that takes the bridge/firewals/laptop os etc out of the equation) and give it a try? That will narrow down big time where the problem may be.....

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Peter Pan

arrgghhhh - when "testing" using the laptop, I disable the wifi when connected via the Ethernet to the WAP11 and then disable the Ethernet & pull the cable when testing via wifi -

It's all pretty straight forward, if you stop and just view the SIMPLE testing arrangement.

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so if you have one or the other disabled how can they be bridged and pass stuff along? (like if the 11 is on ethernet, and you disable it/ethernet when on wireless, and your 54 is on wireless, and you disable it when on wired, how can you bridge them both?

if it's so straighforward, why isn't it working? what you call SIMPLE, to me is extremely complex/convoluted and doesn't work, so whats to understand and why try and understand something, other than it doesn't work? do you want suggestions on fixing it/making it work, or are you like my uncle (asks for suggestions, ignores them and keeps doing it his way?)....

you did write "Any ideas ?????????"..... i took that to mean ideas for making it work, not just wasting time.... come to think of it, you also made an ASSUMPTION, that is false.... ">>> If the laptop is connected directly to the "hub" or uses it'w wifi,

do they work AT THE SAME TIME and bridge/pass the packets BETWEEN the wired and wireless segments?, or are you only trying them serially instead of concurrently? if not, it's probably the bridge/firewall on the laptop, and you assert that it isn't the laptop, see above, so are you even willing to consider looking at where IMO it possibly is?.....

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