Playstation3 WiFi problem

Has anyone experienced dropping of your wireless internet connection with your PS3's? Mine drops the connection about every 15 or 20 seconds, then in about 5 more seconds it reconnects, repeating this over and over again. I thought at first it was a weak signal since I was only running about 35 or

40% signal strength on the meter, so I went down and bought a wireless repeater (signal booster) and located it close by the PS3. I'm now running at 95 to 100% signal strength, but the dropping connection problem persists exactly the same as before.

I'm hoping I don't have a defective console, since there is virtually no way to return it for exchange due to the short supplies.

I've tried a hard reboot, no avail. Couldn't be a DNS or IP address configuration problem I don't think, since I can connect to the internet for brief periods.

Suggestions anyone? Help!

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