Wireless dropping

Hi can anyone help.

I a wireless AP which is contantly dropping. One second it has 100% strength then nothing.. this always happens.

Its not the client wireless card because we have tried with lots, plus we have tried with a different wireless AP make and model so its not that either.

Pls help!

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unplug the microwave oven.

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Dropping an access point from more than about 2-3 feet voids the warranty. I wouldn't do that.

Meanwhile, it would be nice to know which AP you're dropping, and what equipment you're using to talk to it. Since you didn't disclose any useful information, I'll assume you're a Windoze XP Home user. If you're using WEP or no encryption, turn off 802.1x authentication. If you're using WPA encryption, you have to leave 802.1x authentication on.

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Jeff Liebermann

Something is interfering with the signal to/from the AP.

As one poster suggested "unplug the microwave oven", and depending on your proximity to other people, it doesn't have to be in your house/apartment/office. You could get an RF meter and keep it near your computer to see if you get a sudden surge when the signal drops.

You might also have cordless phone interference.

You might also have interference from other APs in the area, especially from those that might be using channel bonding to get better throughput.

Get NetStumbler to see who might be in your area and what channel(s) they may be using.

Lastly, it might be aliens. :)

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Bill Jasiulewicz

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