PDA for site survey etc. ???????

Can someone recommend a good pda for doing site surveys and other wireless work, I want something that will run more than netstumbler, maybe a few of the commercial apps also.

What are you guys using ?



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Sonny D
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sounds like a good start.

Or check

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question is will they run kismet.

I use the site survey on my cellphone (BB 8320).

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"Sonny D" hath wroth:

I'm using my Windoze Mobile 2005 base cell phone, Verizon XV6700. Same as Sprint PPC-6700. For software, I use WiFiFoFum:

I'm not sure which commercial apps you're referring to that might run on a Windoze Mobile PDA, but I would be interested in the names. One of these perhaps?

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Jeff Liebermann

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