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I have just encountered a bit of a strange problem with my wireless network at home. I have 3 clients on my network - a PC, a laptop and a PDA. I am using a wireless router/modem on ip

My PC has a static ip addres of and the laptop and PDA are given dynamic ip addresses from the router which are usually for the PDA and for the laptop.

The laptop is used more in the office and is setup to be part of the office domain 'ABC'. My home PC also has a workgroup of ABC (not sure if this is doing anything?).

Up until today I have no problems at all, however today I went to use remote desktop on the laptop to control the PC and it didn't work. After investigating further I noticed that I cant ping the laptop from the main pc or vice versa. However, both the laptop and PC can ping the pda or router. Both seem perfectly on the network other than the fact they cant seem to see each other.

The strange things was this was working yesterday and as far as I am aware I have only used either of them for surfing since.

I hope someone can help as I am completely baffled with this.

Thanks in advance Stephen

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Stephen Reid
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If there's a firewall on the laptop and/or PC, disable & test via ping. If everything works, experiment with the firewall settings until you fix your problem.

If any of the laptops run XP (don't know whether the windows firewall is present in earlier versions), there are settings that allow the "remote desktop" function to work. Go to the control panel, select "windows firewall", select the "exceptions" tab, and check off the box next to "remote desktop".



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