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I have 2 AP's (DWL-800AP+) in the house. My Dell Inspiron 2200 always wants
to connect to the farthest AP, with a weaker signal. I tried changing the
order, but it still connects to the wrong AP, I have to change it manually
in the Network zero utility (or whatever it's called). They have different
SSIDs, same channel, same WEP. It's set to automatic, but always chooses the
wrong AP - is there any way to force it to connect to a preferred AP?
Thanks in advance!
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"MrSmiley" wrote in news:MrQie.277360$QY2.82241 @fe01.news.easynews.com:
This may not be relevant to your question, but I'd have thought that running two overlapping WLAN segments on the same channel would be asking for trouble.
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I changed the channel on my main AP and it did the trick! Connects to it automatically now. Thanks for the help. Rob
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