Linking 2 AP's

They should both have the same SSID and be in the same subnet. The overlap of the AP signals should be about 20 to 30%. Are both of the APs on an ethernet connection?

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HI Everyone I'm after a little help.

I have 2 AP's (1 Dlink DSL-G604T and a Dlink DI-624+) the 604T is serving my internet. I want to have one at one end of my house and one at the other to ensure good coverage.

Now what I want to know/do is to have them set up so that when I move any of my laptops arounds that it will work off of one or the other with the strongest signal.

is it possable to do this without have to connect to the other one??? (they both have different IP addresses and SSID)

any help appreciated.

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