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Occasionally when I disconnect from my wired lan and attempt to go wireless with the Inspiron E1505, I am unable to connect with the WiFi. When I use Fn+F2 to turn on the Radios, only the Bluetooth is on and the WiFi is dark. The system setting is for both to come on/off with Fn+F2, but it apparently isn't reliable. Only solution is to reboot, and then for a while the WiFi will work but after a few on/of cycles it will fail to come on again and then the only solution is to reboot. Any idea how I can reset the WiFi modem without rebooting or otherwise solve this problem? Thanks very much, -Harry

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Are there more up-to-date drivers to install? If not, this could simply be a failing internal wifi card. Dell used two different wireless cards in this model. If it has a Centrino designation, it has an Intel wireless card, either 3945 or 4965. Otherwise it is a Dell-branded card with Broadcom chip. The Intel cards are generally favored for better range and reliability, as well as a better bit of software for management of wifi connections. Replacement of one of these cards is easy, and they are inexpensive to buy... Ben Myers

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Ben Myers

What happens when you try to use Repair or Diagnose?

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Kevin Childers

Have you checked in Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager the status of this device?

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