Cannot make a wireless connection outside of my house

I have a a Netgear 54 Mbps WGR614 router hooked to my new Gateway
Desktop and I'm using a D-Link 802.11b wireless PC card adapter in my
7-8 year old Compaq Presario 1690 laptop. I have no problem hooking up
at home, but cannot hook up anywhere else; my son's house, the library
or hotels with wireless. When I do a site survey in my D-Link Air
Utility, It indicates that there are strong signals around, but I can't
seem to connect. In the "Link Info" page , Status - it says "not
connected". Would appreciate any help that I can get. Thanks.
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Wireless is squirrelly. It is often the case that a wireless network can be detected, but the signal is too noisy, too low strength, etc. to make a connection.
OTOH, you might disable the DLink software and use only XP's Wireless Zero Configuration utility. Many find that the XP WZC works far better than do the vendor's utilities.
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Thanks Q. Unfortunately this old laptop uses Window 98!!! :-(
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