2 different wireless AP's same house

Trying to figure out if the below situation will work out. Here is my current network setup:

lower level:

  1. New Motorola Cable Modem
  2. Old LinkSys Broadband Router (running DHCP Server) with Motorola plugged in.
  3. Computers hooked into router.

Second floor:

  1. LinkSys Router wired to and hooked into SMC 24-port gigabit switch.
  2. Netgear Wireless Router (acting as AP) plugged into SMC (Super-G supported but set to support a and G also)
  3. Computers plugged into SMC also.

So, this LinkSys router has been acting up:

  1. Locking with a lot of mutliple accesses to the internet at the same time.
  2. Website admin for router sometimes won't come up.
  3. Router stops pinging when I access the admin screen sometimes.
  4. Weekly restarts of the router.

Decided to replace the LinkSys router with something new. Although not a huge multi-player gamer, came across the D-Link DGL-4100 router. What attracted me to it is others saying they have had the same lockup problems with theirs in similar situations and this one did not have that problem. Plus the added advantage of the gigabit connections on the router as the current systems plugged into the LinkSys are limited to 100 today. So enter the DGL-4300. Supposably the same router, however with wireless support. Different brand then my Netgear though.

So after that long winded setup the question. Can I add this second router into the mix, have it act as the DHCP server in place of my current one, set it up with the same security and SSID as the Netgear, and then have my laptop's as I move through the house automatically pick up the closest router since they have the same SSID? Or do they have to be the same brand or model wireless device? Although they both support 108 connections with different technologies I would have them both setup to support 54Mpbs 802.11g connections as well. If it won't work, then I'll just skip the wireless version of the router but figured for $20 more if it could work, why not.



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You should not have any problem adding the new router/wap in place of the linksys. Do as you said and set it up with the same SSID and security but make sure they are on different channels and you will be fine.


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Adair Witner

Awesome. Thanks for the input. Ended up buying the unit with the wireless router anyway before hearing from you. Believe it or not, it ended up being $4 cheaper than the one without wireless support. D-Link has a $25 rebate for the wireless one and not for the wired only one so figured what the heck either way. At least I know it will work though. Thanks again.


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