dell inspiron 8600 with 1350 wireless card

I have this inspiron 8600 with a built in Dell 1350 wireless card

802.11b and g and May 2005 update to it from dell.

I'm in a hotel with wireless access points in different location. I'm told 12 access points serving about 200 rooms

I'd like to increase signal and speed.

  1. Can I guess aluminum strip facing up from behind screen on cover of my Dell will work with any PCMCIA card as once this PCMCIA card it installed it becomes default wireless card?

  1. WIll it send and receive faster than my built in 1350 card? my 1350 is capable of 802.11g at 54Mbps.

This inspiron was purchased from Dell new in November 2004.

Signal and speed with 1350 wireless flucuates with users on line and close to access points.

card I was thinking of buying is a TrendNet 421PC thanks

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I went to

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to test my speed.

it is 322649 Kbps in .551 sec

Will using a PCMCIA card speed things up even more?

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