Notebook - Wireless not communicating once connected

I have a new Gateway CX200x with an Intel Pro/Wireless 2200BG built-in adapter. I can connect to any three of the wireless routers I have at work here. The problem that exists is I cannot obtain an IP, nor if I assign one manually can I connect to anything, pinging will time out. Two of the routers are setup with encryption, one is not. If I take the notebook home and connect to my wireless router at home, it connects and obtains an IP address immediately. I've deleted entries in both the DNS and DHCP servers at work in relation to this notebook, it didn't help at all. Other unusual circumstances... if I connect the notebook in the office wirelessly, but it doesn't obtain an IP, and then connect a Cat-5 cable to the 10/100 port, which does obtain an IP, then the wireless adapter will also obtain an IP address shortly thereafter, and a different IP from the Cat-5 connection. I have to assume that one or more files are corrupted that the wireless is using. Or maybe somehow a file is looking for my wireless router at home? I've unistalled and re-installed the adapter since, but nothing has changed. I even un-installed Norton Security that came with the notebook thinking that was the problem. I ran the WinSock Fix located at,

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that I had read about it in this forum... that did nothing. I made sure that Windows Firewall was turned off, and that I had no other software firewalls that may have been installed. If the wireless adapter didn't work at home, I'd assume it was a hardware issue... but it works fine there... and within the last week it worked fine in the office... now it connects... and fails to obtain an IP. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

P.S. I must say that all notebooks in the office here have no trouble connecting wirelessly. I'm running XP PRO SP2 Tablet PC.

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