IP telephony through notebook with wireless Internet connection.

Hi all,

I have a problem with an IP telephone which I am trying to connect. I am traveling a lot in connection with my work, and as such, I am staying quite a bit of my time at hotels. Those hotels normally offer WiFi internet connections. I am taking with me a notebook, which has built-in WiFi network adapter, so there is no problem getting on the Internet from the PC. My PC gets its IP address automatically via DHCP. However, my IP telephone adapter requires a network cable for the connection.

As the PC also has a connector for a network cable, I would like the IP adapter to connect to that. This means that the route from the Internet to the IP adapter and vice versa goes through the PC. However, whatever I try, the IP adapter does not seem to get connected.

What can be wrong, and how should I do?

Thank you in advance.

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Enable Internet Connection Sharing on your PC.

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