newbie: setup wifi laptop + pda

It sounds like you don't have an existing WiFi network, and all you want to do is use WiFi to link these two devices for synchronization. Bluetooth is better suited for that purpose, IMHO, but if not available, you can setup what's known as an "Ad-Hoc" WiFi network. This would allow you to link your PDA and laptop without need for a wireless access point. Check the documentation that came with your wireless adapter; they often document how to setup an Ad-Hoc network. And of course Google should turn up lots of hits.

good luck, Jonathan

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Hi all,

I want to use my laptop as the "sending wifi device" and receive the information with my PDA (archos PMA400) There are lots of tutorials how to receive a wireless signal with a laptop with wifi onboard, but not the other way around.

Is there a good (newbiefriendly) site/tutorial/howto where this is explained?

Tia Ted

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