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I'm currently working on a network with 3 servers (win 2K, 2003, and

2003 SBS) We used to be set up with different static IPs (we have about 16 to use), but I recently installed a Trendnet TW100 firewall router, and now it is set up with 1 public IP and different ports are routed to the correct private IPs. Two of the servers are Dell Poweredge 2600 with the remote access cards. I would like to assign the static IPs to them so I can access them from outside of the office, but I'm not sure of the best way to do it. As far as I can tell, the firewall can only be configured as one public IP, and if I put a switch in between the firewall, and the modem, I'll lose the firewall protection to the remote access cards. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Another slightly less secure (opinions are abundant with respect to PPTP, yet LOT'S of people use it) option would be to configure RRAS on one of your 2003 servers and open up PPTP through your firewall to that server ONLY.

This would allow you to use native Windows clients, and server services, without additional cost. Additionally, if you open up PPTP to that server only, you can use Remote Desktop to manage the other servers from the one you connected to.

All options available, I would do what Leythos said. On top of that I would certainly question why any business class firewall would be missing VPN capabilities in this day and age!

PPTP would be cheaper, and if your not familiar with VPN technologies, the "windows" feel of PPTP and it's configuration will be MUCH less complicated.



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Setup a VPN inbound to one of the servers and use the native VPN functions on the server, or , if your router supports it, VPN directly into the router and use that connection.

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Do exactly like Leythos says, any other way and you are circumventing the need for the firewall in the first place. If the firewall doesn't support VPN tunnelling, abandon it, or the need to do remote access.

Jay Calvert

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Jay Calvert

Are these the daughter boards that allow you to see the POST screen too?

If so, you'll need something inside your router that you can connect (vpn) to. A firewall would suffice if you can allow the static IPs to pass through your router.

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William Tasso

These cards allow you to remotely start the machine if the server is off, also I believe it will allow you to boot from the remote computers floppy. The Firewall Router does have VPN functionality, but it's not configured yet. Someone mentioned a business class firewall, and I believe that might be where our problem is. What we have is an inexpensive (

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