Zywall 5 Setup - Newbie Question


Please pardon my newbie question as I have no previous experience in configuring the firewall. We recently purchased a ZyWall 5, with the intention to prevent malicious attacks.

We currently host our own Web and Email servers, so we need to allow those traffic to come in, we also need to allow internet access for our LAN users.

The ZyWall is currently plugged into the LAN and it seems to be working (but I am not too sure if it is giving any protection though).

The current setup is as follow:

Under Security -> Firewall:

Enabled Firewall - ON Allow Asymmetrical Route - ON

When we turn this (Allow Asymmetrical Route) to OFF, external users are not able to access the web servers nor our local LAN users can access the web.

Here's the setup:

LAN to LAN / ZyWALL Permit LAN to WAN Permit LAN to DMZ Permit LAN to WLAN Permit WAN to LAN Permit WAN to WAN / ZyWALL Permit WAN to DMZ Permit WAN to WLAN Permit DMZ to LAN Drop DMZ to WAN Permit DMZ to DMZ / ZyWALL Drop DMZ to WLAN Drop WLAN to LAN Drop WLAN to WAN Permit WLAN to DMZ Drop WLAN to WLAN / ZyWALL Permit

Are the above correct?? Also, what should we setup in the "Rule Summary"??

Are the above information enough for anyone to share any information? Do I need to provide more details??

I believe our servers are currently under "attacks", so any assistance would be helpful and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Best regards, eddie teo

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Eddie Teo
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You had better call tech support at Zywall. Don't they have free tech support for a limited time on new product setup and usage?

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

Duane, I saw you posting the same message contents following up on ZyWall questions by others.

If you have something against Zyxel, please approach them directly instead of trying to stir up emotions here.

I am trying to ask for help from this newsgroup, and I do not need your so-call assistance asking me to call ZyXel, thank you.



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Eddie Teo

Man, I respect Zyxel products. I was even going to get one myself, but I decided to go with something else. Zyxel is not a popular product in the NG used by many. And did the others get their questions answered about a ZyXel product? I hope they did. Otherwise, you're not going to get answer or it many not come anytime soon.

Damn fool, if anyone knows how to give you advise on how to do something, then it's those that make and support the product.

I sure as hell did come here and ask questions on how to setup and use the Watchguard that I use when I first got the WG. I went right to the horse's mouth, sort of speaking, the WG Tech Support about my product.

You don't know what you're doing and yet when someone gives you some friendly advise, you spit in their face.

I hope this doesn't hurt your feelings, but you can take that ZyXel and stick it right up your ass.


Duane :(

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Duane Arnold

Here you touchy bastard see if you can get some answers or use Google and see if you can find something else.

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Duane Arnold

This rule doesn't look right WAN to LAN Permit. Try to ask help here

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they are knowledgable with your router.

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