Cannot connect pda to wifi enabled lan


I cant seem to figure out the problem. I have a wireless network setup in my home, using a wifi enabled DSL router (D-Link). I have been able to successfully connect to the internet through wifi using my notebook and my PS3, but I have never had any success connecting any of my PDA's (neither under WM 5.0 nor 6.0). My PDA's detect the wifi access point, but when attempting to access it, the WEP code is never accepted (and if I turn off all authorization, it simply gets stuck at "Connecting" and never actually connects).

Does anyone have any idea what might be the problem, because I am completely clueless at this point. What exactly is going on?

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Bunnyfu hath wroth:

  1. Punch in the WEP code in Hex instead of ASCII. It will work. There are some stupid ASCII to Hex conversion creativity among competing and non-communicating manufacturers.
  2. Don't use WEP as it's full of security holes. Use WPA-PSK (WAP-personal) instead, which is quite secure with fairly long (>20 char) passwords.
  3. Learn to read the labels on your equipment. Any particular DLink router? Any particular PDA's. Incidentally, if your undisclosed model PDA happens to be a Verizon XV-6700 or Sprint PPC-6700, methinks you need to do the firmware update in order to get WPA encryption to work.
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