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Hello i have sattelite broadband setup in home (due to living in wilderness) It comes in to some kind of box not sure what type but it then goe to ethernet to my router (standard wireless adsl router) it works perfect in home but i now have setup office outside home in a secure vault (steel portable cabin type) i want to send signal to this it is 20-30 metres in line of sight from my router from window but i cant get signal to pick up inside cabin but if i go outside the door it works i think signal is bouncing off. What is my best way i really want to put some kind of aerial outside cabin and then run a wire from it to another device so i can split it in offcie to 2computers eiter wireless or wired. Any advice will be much aprecciated thanks.

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If it's possible, I would run an Ethernet cable from the router to the cabin and install a wireless access point in the cabin

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Does your outbuilding have electrical power from the house? We had a powered garage but with steel snow roofs (wouldn't allow WiFi or cellphone inside the garage).. We used a powerline network ( Northern Idaho/sat only no dsl or cable, netgear has ones that do up to 85Mb and 200Mb, rather than the slower 14Mb ones people used to use), and then just put a wap/router (linksys wrt54g) in the garage to gived both wired and wireless... Biggest problem we ran into was the precipitation in winter.. Snow could be several feet deep and really screw up any wireless networks line of site above ground...

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Maker and model number of your wireless router? I seriously doubt that it's an ADSL wireless router as you have a satellite broadband, not a DSL broadband.

2.4GHz wireless and steel vaults do no work well together. In effect, your vault is a shield room and will block all RF from entering. If you can attach an external antenna to your office computah, drill a hole in the vault, and attach an external antenna, it should work just fine at 20-30 meters if you have clear line of sight. Some clue as to what type of computer you're using and what manner of wireless device is included will be helpful. It might also be possible to use an external USB radio and antenna outside the box, with the USB cable run through the hole. Also, you may find it necessary to reposition the wireless router in the house (into a window) so that you have line of sight to the antenna or radio in the vault.

I have no idea which is the "best" way. It really depends on how you connect this external antenna to your office computer. At 30 meters, almost any antenna will work as long as you have line of sight.

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