Connecting 3x pcs and 2x printer

Can anyone advise the best way to network using hardwire (not wireless) the following:

3x computers running WinXP (2.0 GHz cpu) 2x Printers (both have USB & Parallel ports)

Note: The 2x pcs already have a 10/100mb PCI cards fitted.

Would I have to have an internet account running to network all the following?

What's the best cable to use ?? (max distance is 10mtrs)


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John "O"
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buy a cheap network hub/switch, some Cat5 patch cables, a network card for any computer without one, and a printserver with 2 parallel ports.

The last will be the most expensive so if you don't mind having to turn computers on to print, leave the printers attached to the computers and use print/file sharing.

Only if you want to access the internet.

Be warned that if any of your printers are multifunction devices (ie fax/copier/printer type devices) they probably won't work when attached to a printserver. You typically have to get special vendor-supplied network hardware to print to MFDs. I speak from experience.

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