Need help with D-Link DCS-2000+ and LinkSys Wireless-B Router


I need some help!

I have been talking with D-Link and LinkSys all day and neither can help resolve my problem. One tends to blame the other because I am dealing with two different vendors. They had me making all kinds setting changes on the router and camera. Nothing works.

Here's my problem:

I have a D-Link DCS-2100+ wireless camera setup at home connected to my LinkSys Wireless-B Router. Every PC can see my camera at home and it's working perfectly. As soon as I have people from outside (Internet) to access my camera, they get "Page Cannot Be Displayed". People from outside can PING my router and getting responses. I have my ports 80, 5001-5003 opened on my router. These are numbers from the D-Link product manual. I have opened up DMZ to point to the camera as well and this does not work either. It seems to me the signal from outside can't go beyond the router to go to a specific port - in this case to my camera. Does anyone know what the problem could me?

Any help I can get is greatly appreciated!!!


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Sydney Luu
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look at the camera's network configuration page and set/verify its lan ip & port assignments, sounds like; IP ? HTTP port 80 Control channel port 5001 Audio channel port 5002 Video channel port 5003

Assuming nothing else on your router is assigned these port make One rule for each port to the lan ip address (Do NOT make a single rule with a port range 5001-5003) virtual server or port forwarding whatever your linky calls it

you want the camera.s ip# outside the ip# range of your dhcp

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Thanks for the reply.

I have checked at least three times to confirm the camera's ip and port assignments on the camera. That's exactly what I have for port assignmets. In fact these are d-link's defaults.

However I did not have 4 rules on my router. Currently I have one for port 80 and another one for 5001-5003. I will separate these to have a total of 4 rules and see what happens.

Thanks for your help.


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Sydney Luu

I got this problem resolved. I had a typo for my camera's ip when I was doing the "forwarding" on my router.

Thanks for the help!

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