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You have not indicated what kind of a budget your sister is looking at. IMHO VSAT is the most expensive and esoteric form of Internet access and one should not go for it unless one is in the amazon jungles etc. You'd be better off convincing your ISP to do a wireless bridge on to the top of the house and then drop it inside using either cat-5 or an access point for wifi

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Unless there just happens to be a wireless internet provider with an access point near the house (not likely, but could happen), they'll need to have either DSL or cable internet access in the normal way. Run the output from the DSL or cable modem to a wireless router that's near where she'll use the laptop most. The router serves as the 'transmitter' to communicate with the laptop. They'll also need to have wireless capability in the laptop. That can be either built in like many newer laptops have or add an expansion card. For specific equipment recommendations, look over the posts to this group in the google archive:

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Hi to all. I'm a novice to this new cyber world. I've had my desktop computer for almost two years now and just getting comfortable with it. My problem: my cousin works in Long Island ( a suburban area of NY). She and her daughter take care of a bedridden patient that requieres 24/7 attention but with plenty of free time as long as they stay in the house. It's boring as hell. So they have decided to get a laptop and get acces to the internet. ( For many reasons a desktop computer is out of the question) ; so they asked me (?) how to go about it. I have no idea. I've been reading this newsgroup for a couple of days already and I don't think I'm ready to tell her how to do it. So please ladies and gentlemen, would somebody be so kind to explain in layman terms what does she need to get acces to the internet with a laptop, and while we're there any recomendation for the best machine for that situation?. TIA J.R.

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Jay Ar

Right. Although possible satellite wireless access? But cable/dsl, even dial-up, with the router is more likely, and most any new laptop is equipped to receive.You want an 802.11G (not B) router - faster. I'm on one now - Linksys (Cisco) WRT54G...been fine. About $60 before rebates...much cheaper than the laptop:)

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Not really a difficult problem....

You need to PAY for a (isp provider)

3 choices..

  1. dial up ...which will tie up the phone when you cousin is "surfing" and your laptop will need a modem...

  1. DSL connection thru the phone company
  2. Cable connection...thru your Cable company..

..The DSL and Cable connections offer much faster connection speeds then a dial up connection and more importantly to my way of thinking at least neither will tie up the normal phone line

Once you have DSL or Cable installed into the home you will need a router ... The DSL or Cable companies my even rent you one or you can buy the correct either case the provider will tell you which brand etc to buy...

You now have the connection in the home...if you want to use the laptop in one location in the home...(like only in the living room) that is all you need....(besides the laptop) ...If you want the ability to use the computer in any place in the home you will have to set up a wireless connection...

That requires buying a wireless router big deal...

Now the laptop you purchase can be ANY brand.... BUT if you want it to be stationary make sure it has a erthnet connection...(most if not all do)... if you want to use it anywhere in the home make sure it already is equipted for wireless or has a open slot for a wireless card...

If the laptop is not already set up for wireless then you will have to buy a wireless card ...again no big deal...

AS to what brand laptop computer.... ????

that depends on what your cousin wants to do with it... BUT any major brand should meet their needs for surfing the net e-mail etc... .

I use 2 laptops in the house both Toshiba's... they both work fine...BUT I also needed (or wanted really ) to have internet access when I was in the garage or in my workshop,without walking up to the house to grab one of the laptops I keep there... so I went out and purchased 2 older USED IBM Think Pad computers for about $300 each.. purchased a wireless card for each and keep one in both places...they work just fine and at 350 bucks each (with the cards) they work just fine for what I need... your milage may vary however...

So it boils down to your needs and your budget....

Lots of luck...

Bob Griffiths

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Bob G.

I am assuming you want broadband, not dial-up access... .... so,

Order ADSL from your local carrier. This will be delivered on your existing phone line (assuming it is available). After it's available (in the UK it takes about 5 days) get a wireless router (D-Link G-604T is the model I am using) this comes with a built in ADSL modem, access point, router & ethernet switch. Plug the router into your phone line, and a microfilter on each phone extension (to cut out the noise from the adsl, only really necessary if you are close to the exchange) - these may be supplied but only cost around $5. Now get a wireless pcmcia card (or usb) - this allows you to connect to the access point wirelessly. Install the software and you should be up and running. You will need to set certain settings on your router (such as username & password for the broadband service) but apart from that it should be a breeze. Should you have any difficulty connecting from certain areas of the house, consider moving the AP to a central position, slightly elevated (such as on a high shelf). If you still have any black areas, you can try higher gain antennae, or use wireless bridges to extend the range - more equipment, however, means a lot more hassle.

If adsl is not available, then try cable (make sure to get a cable modem

- your a cable company can advise on models). If neither of these is available, see if there are any wireless IPSs in your area, if this fails you can try satellite - but it is not without drawbacks, not least in price. Otherwise you have really no option apart from dial up (or a leased line if money is no object!).

As for laptop recommendations - I've had many Toshibas, currently got a Satellite Pro & Tecra - love them both! Acer also make a good range at decent prices.

So, your shopping list should be:

1 x adsl / cable modem with built in NAT router (depending on what service you get). 1 x wireless access point to plug into the modem/router. 1 x PCMCIA, or USB adapter for the laptop.

If all goes to plan, you can get this up and running, from scratch, in under 30mins ;)

The next job will be to secure the lan from intruders, which means configuring WPA & MAC address filtering or even RADIUS.

Hope this helps

Peter Phillips Software Director Kinetiq Networks Ltd.

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Peter Phillips

Thank you all. Now I have a clearer idea of what is needed. A million thanks again. Great group!!! Jay Ar

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