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My cousin just moved in and bought a brand new Mac--an IBook G4 with OS X, and she would like to connect to the Internet via wireless. I have a DSL connection to a Sony desktop PC and a laptop Sony Vaio that connects to the Internet with wireless. My router is a Linksys BEFW11S4. It's configured with enough open IP addresses that attaching another wireless computer shouldn't be a problem. It's protected with a

128-bit WEP key. The problem is--I don't know anything about Macs, Airport, etc. How do I connect it to my wireless network? I found a couple pages online that were from colleges and tried following the steps. I did locate my network from the Mac but when it asked for a password, it didn't accept what I gave it. I assumed by "password" it meant the WEP key and typed that in. Her laptop does occassionally pick up the weak signal of neighbor's unprotected networks. What do I need to do to connect her laptop to my network?


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Use the AirPort Setup Assistant (/Applications/Utilities/) or AirPort Admin Utility.

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John Navas

wep key hashing is nonstandard so you either need to enter in the hex equivalent, or pick a 13 char password.

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