How can I tell whether a ASUS Wireless PCI Card WL-138GE is working?

My daughter has the above Asus PCI card installed on her son's desktop computer, which runs windows xp.

She has her own desktop computer, which is hardwired to the D-link router about 20 feet away.

The son's computer sees the home network on her computer and says signal strength is excellent, yet she cannot establish a connection, whereby her son can see the Outlook express or Internet working. He is using the same windows xp as she has on her desktop.

She has her computer encrypted and put the same encryption key on the Asus PCI card when it asked for it, but still she cannot get the IE or OE. She has also tried it by removing the encryption on her computer, but the son's desktop still cannot get to the Internet.

What can possibly be the cause? When the son's desktop sees the home network, does that not mean it "connects" via radio signal? How is it then that it does not connect to the home network internet?

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