MAC Cloning for Time-Warner Cable 92109?

turn off laptop. power cycle the cable modem (30 seconds). after modem resyncs, turn on laptop and try again. (make sure laptop is configured for DHCP)

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Giles Harney
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Probabaly not. She may need to power cycle her cable modem, though.

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Elmo P. Shagnasty

I've got a client who just moved in to a new house and when she moves the Ethernet cable from her desktop to her laptop, her laptop is not getting an address (desktop is working fine). Does she need to do MAC cloning? I told her to go get a router and ask the cable company if they are doing cloning but she's not a techie so I don't imagine she's going to get a straight answer.

Her phone is 858-731-xxx TimeWarner Cable, Zip 92109


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Dave R knows who

Tell her to get a wireless router.

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Or at least a wired router if she deosn't need wireless.

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