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Hi, DSL user here posting for my daughter who has Comcast Digital cable TV and Internet.

I recently connected a Netgear router for her, installing the router after the modem, and before the desktop (and wireless laptop).

Upon initial connection/setup, everything seemed to be in order as both computers were able to connect online, go to various sites and also I network shared files between the two computers with No difficulty.

After I left her place feeling accomplished, it seems *NOW* she is only able to connect to certain limited sites, but *NOT* to ALL!! She cannot for example, access her hotmail account along with very many other sites! She can however access E-Bay and Newegg, Google etc. Some of the sites load in a very limited what she calls "primitive" state with NO pictures etc.

By phone, I had her disconnect from the router and plug directly into the desktop from the cable modem, and all is fine! She then can access any site without a problem.

So somewhere in the Netgear router lies the problem?? As I have said, I am familiar with SBC/Ameritech DSL. This is all Very strange for me to hear since with DSL, it is ALL or NOTHING!!!

Can someone here point out to me what might be a probable cause or setting with the Netgear router, that might be affecting her ability to access *all* Internet sites while using the Netgear router?

For example: Is Comcast a Static or Dynamic ISP ? I have left default *Dynamic* in Netgear Router`s Basic setup Interface.

Thanks for any insight into this matter from any experienced Comcast Internet/Router users


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Did you power-cycle the modem? When you change the device that's directly connected to the modem, you need to power-cycle the modem after removing the old device, and before connecting the new device.

Disconnect the computer from the modem. Power-cycle the modem. Let it regain sync. Then attach the router, and power it up. Once the router stabilizes, connect the computer(s) to the router, and boot them up. It's important that you bring the devices up in the right order, or you can get unexpected results.

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Depending on the NetGear model - there is the ability to setup security controls and filtering. Is it possible these got turned on somehow?

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I will add to Warren's instruction that if the power-cycle does not work, download a copy of winsockxpfix.exe (Google for it) to repair a broken TCP/IP stack. Something seems to get borked in some Windows XP installations when switching NICs or connection types.

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verify that you don'y have a duplex mixmatch (half duplex vs full duplex).

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