VPN over airport hotspots?

I use VPN at the free hotspot at McCarren airport in Las Vegas with no problem. Where are you trying it at? Come to think of it, many of the generic ones (like t-mobile) are actually VPN's run on various free hotspots.
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Peter Pan
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Anyone had trouble trying to VPN to another system when online over an
airport wireless hotspot? Is it typical that VPN service would be blocked on
public hotspots like this? I am able to surf, check email OK, but can't get
VPN to work. Thanks. -- tom c
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Tom C.
All but one of the hotspots that I have used allow VPN. In Airports, I see the AT&T/Intle hotspot advertisements, and I have used Nortel Contivity VPN client there.
One hotspot had a splash screen suggesting that there were two ways to connect: behind their NAT router with a tight firewall that would not allow VPN, or on the internet with a routable IP and absolutely no firewall. I chose option #2, ran VPN successfully, and was entertained by the number of attacks that my ZoneLab firewall was trapping.
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