Netgear DG834G problem

Maka sure you have the XP firewall turned off. Check your security level in Internet Explorer.... Tools/options/security

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I got my netgear wirless setup with XP and running Sygate Firewall Pro, to enable me to view websites properly I have to disable sygate, I cant access my hotmail and some webpages wont show up ie. ebay and others if sygate is enabled, I had the same setup running ok before I done a new install of XP a while back,

I've tried varous setting in sygate but no luck

Any ideas?

Thx in advance

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Also I cant send my pop3 (pipex) mail using outlook when sygate is enabled, I can receive mail ok.. mm strange

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sounds like firewall overkill. your router has a built in router and that's generally enough. add in windows firewall and sygate just adds to the clutter.

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Alan White

Thanks for the replys...

XP was turned off, I changed security level to default, this was on custom, I can't recall ever changing these settings before. I still cant access my hotmail or ebay account with sygate enabled, but pop 3 pipex seems to be working ok.. getting there :-)

Sometimes when firewall is enabled I get intrusion's and warning's, router firewall only blocks incoming traffic, sygate is good for spyware etc.. I'd like to keep running it :-( I had them running together before, I have anti spyware installed aswell.

btw: I'm running XP Pro SP2


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