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Hello guys I am currently using a NETGEAR DG834G and I'm totally satisfied with it but I don't know if the wireless is working fine my problem (if any) is the signal power the router is in my bedroom and when I try to use my laptop in my living room I hardly can get the signal the router is at roughly 7 meters from there and there are 3 walls between the router and the living room two are about 30 cm, the other one is smaller, but there are a couple of doors so the signal is likely to easily go through them, and btw I thought it would have passed them anyway the first wall is just behind the router is this the standard performance? is there a way to boost the signal?

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Fed hath wroth:

Oh-oh. Unrealized expectations. Sounds like an overdose of marketing hype. I'll try to help.

What are you using for a wireless *CLIENT*? Performance can be improved by juggling location and antennas at either end of the wireless link.

That's about as far as you can go. My rule of thumb is one wall is no problem. 2 walls are a crap shoot. 3 walls are impossible. It's also important as to what's inside the walls. If their full or metal or concrete, even one wall is a problem. This chart should give you a rough idea of the numbers involved:

For every 6dB of attenuation, your range is cut in half.

Open doorways are nice. Closed doors are not so nice. 2.4GHz signals do bounce around quite bit. That might help get through the doorway. However, it's not a reliable path and it will come and go as things move around. For a reliable connection the "line of sight" has to be a straight line between your unspecified client and the DG834G.

Unless the router antenna is right up against the wall, that won't make much difference.

No. It's typical performance. I can't really tell unless you supply client info, more numbers and building construction details. Even then, it's just guesswork.

Yes. Replacement antennas are available with more gain. I'm not sure but I think the DG834G has a non-removeable antenna, so that won't work. You could use an easy to build reflector such as:

You can also do something similar at the other end of link, but without a clue what's there, I can't offer any specific suggestions.

Also, you might want to fix the shift and period keys on your keyboard.

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