Netgear DG834G + external antenna


Does anyone know if you can connect an external antenna to a Netgear DG834G.

I need to mount the unit in a cupboard a floor level and figure this is not an idea place to allow decent propagation! Thoughts were to mount an external antenna higher up in the room.

I've checked the Netgear site but couldn't find any reference to external antenna fitting.

If anyone is doing this with an internal (i.e. inside the house) external antenna (does that make sense?!) than can you let me know what model you use and if you are happy with the set up.

Many thanks

Jonathan Nottingham, UK

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Jonathan E
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Not sure if you can do it officially, but I am sure you can make a Heath Robinson set up with a bit of DIY. The antenna on the DG834G can be unscrewed (I think). As long as you can find something which matches the screw thread (try B&Q) and know how to solder, then I suppose you should be able to screw in more or less anything you want!

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Simon Pleasants

We have Linksys/Cisco WRT54G (see my following post) which communicates fine from two floors up on desk next to desktop.

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