linksys wireless router BEFW11s4 v3

Hello: I was trying to upgrade the firmware. Now the diag lite is constantly on (not blinking). I tried everything, resetting for 30 sec, 3 min etc, trying to upload firmware again, static ip address etc. but my computer can not communicate to the I can't do this a dead router?

btw i called linksys tech support guys and they told me that they could fix the problem remotely but would charge me $29.95..So i got the impression that there should be a solution to fix it but what is it really?

any help is MUCH appreciated folks. Cheers

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Zorluhan Zorlu
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Dunno specifics of that box, but first thing I'd try: assume AP's IP set back to default; configure pc's nic to use address in that range (full IP to suit), and run cat-5 between pc and AP's bridge port (ethernet.) Then proceed.


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